Experience a whole new level of
Internet freedom in Cambodia with Fiber One 150Mbps.

50 times Faster, Infinite Possibilites, Unlimited Freedom.

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Plug-and-Play Connectivity

Cover your entire apartment or small office with an ultra powerful Wi-Fi Gigabit router free of charge for the full duration of service. You no longer need to worry about which router to choose and additional cost. We provide you a suitable Wi-Fi worth $140 fit for this kind of speed. All you need is your own Laptops, Smartphones or Tablets.


Ultimate Peace of Mind

We provide you the fastest possible way to work and play.
Focus on your online productivity or entertainment instead
your bandwidth usage. With 150Mbps speed in both
upload and download, you could reach your cloud service, access
and share your files online instantaneously.

Fiber One gives you more for less

With SINET Fiber One, you no longer have to worry about your
connection speed at all. Forget about your typical 1-2Mbps connection,
Fiber One Gigabit Ethernet offers full 150Mbps Dedicated Speed
in both download and upload for blazing fast streaming, surfing, and sharing.

Tailor-made for Home & Small Business

Fiber One is specially designed for modern family with 8 to 10 members
and an average 10-12 Wi-Fi devices in use at any one time.
Fiber One for Small Business supports up to 18 concurrent Wi-Fi devices
and is well suited for Tech Start-ups, NGOs, Small Businesses,
Design Agencies & Creative Studios with a typical 5-12 employee.

How does it work?

Dedicated Fiber

Each connection is powered by a dedicated optical fiber directly from SINET distribution node. We do not share your fiber core with other customer’s. Each port is a Gigabit Ethernet port with a maximum speed up to 1,000 megabits per second.

Dedicated Speed

Enjoy consistently dedicated speed with SINET internet regardless of days and time.

Dedicated Support

Get dedicated support and personalized customer service from real engineers and customer care officers via Email, Phone, or Chat.

IPv6 from Day-One

No longer a mystical technology accessible by only the experts, Fiber One get you both IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack from day one.


Download Speed
Upload Speed
IP Address
Wi-Fi Device Limit
Installation & Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee

Fiber One
for Home & Micro Office

Private IP (NAT)
18 concurrent
Not Available

Fiber One Ultra
for Apartment & Hotel

One Public IP Fixed (DHCP)


Or call our Sales Team on 081 801 999
email: sales@sinet.com.kh