SINET operate one of the premier IP transit services in Cambodia, offering high-speed, low-latency and few hops to international upstream and content delivery network.

Unlike other operators in Cambodia, SINET guarantee direct connection to Global Tier 1 operators, giving our customers the lowest possible latency and the shortest as-path.


Tier 1

Upstream in Hong Kong & Singapore

30+ CDN

Private & Public Peerings

Up to 40Gbps

Ultimate Scalability

Ultra Low Latency

Optimized for shortest & best throughput

No Filtering

Direct IP. No Proxy. No compression

Burst & Flat Rate

Ultimate Flexibility

Dual Stack BGP

End to end IPv4/IPv6


Always-On Availability


Large Corporate

IP Transit is suitable for corporates with their own IP address space and ASN

ISP or Mobile Operators

ISPs, Telecom or Mobile Operators who require large banwdith to resell and redistribute to end users.


Carrier-grade technology

Get the best possible speed & reliability with carrier-grade BGP routing, completed with automatic fail-over in splits miliseconds.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Enjoy the lowest possible latency and highest throughput to and from major internet hubs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Europe and the US thanks to our unparralled expertise in network optimization.

Safe & Secure Optical Fiber

Available with SINET's MetroLink underground & secure Access Fiber in Phnom Penh and major cities.

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Experiened Engineers

Supported 24/7 by expertises in network routing, best practices, optimization and security with over 30+ year combined experiences.


SINET supports Flat or Burstable Bandwidth based on industry-standard 95 Percentile billing.

Price depends on setup, bandwidth and SLA.

Call our Sales Team at 081 801 999