Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs and Answers are written and certified by Vireak Ouk, SINET's Chief Technical Officer.

1. How many days do SINET take to complete a new connection?

We are committed to complete a new connection no later than 1 week from the date of Order Confirmation. On average, our customer get a working connection from us within 3-4 days.

An Order is confirmed once the registration is done and we receive the pre-payment for the service.

2. What do SINET provide in term of hardware?

By default, we provide a Fiber Optic Media Converter which converts optical signal into Electrical Ethernet Signal on a loan basis. The Customer is required to have their own router and/or WiFi Access Points. These items can also be purchased via our Sales Team.

Unless purchased, all hardware provided by SINET shall remain the property of SINET and shall be returned to us upon the end of service.

3. I want to upgrade the speed, who should I contact?

For all Changes, Upgrade, Downgrade, Suspension or Termination, please contact our Customer Service Team at or call (+855) 81 801 999.

Please always provide your Service ID for reference.

4. How to know what is my Service ID?

- Service ID is provided upon completion of the installation via email.

- It is also noted on an SINET sticker at the installed location.

- Service ID can also be found on the official invoice.

5. When SINET provide 15Mbps Dedicated connection, what does the 15Mbps mean?

15Mbps is the bandwidth of that connection. For SINET Dedicated line, this bandwidth is always 15Mbps in both upload and download.

An Internet Connection is like a highway to get to commercial hubs. The Bandwidth is equivalent to the width of that highway. The bigger and smoother the highway, the faster you can deliver the goods from commercial hubs.

As an ISP, our task is to build and ensure this highway is dedicated only to the designated customer. However an ISP cannot control the distances to the internet hubs which in our case are in major cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles or Amsterdam. A Network that is close to these Internet hubs will always feel faster speed on the same bandwidth size. Just like someone who lives nearer to marketplace will always get the goods faster if all else are equal.

6. I'm subscribing to a 35Mbps line, why did I get only 10Mbps on SpeedTest?

SpeedTest depends on the location of the Speedtest server you select and how that particular server is connected to the Internet. A good SpeedTest result typically indicates a good line. A bad SpeedTest result however does not always mean the line is bad. If the server locates in the US, Europe, Australia or Central Asia, the SpeedTest in Cambodia will never reach the maximum possible bandwidth allocated by the ISP due to the geographical distances and how different networks are interconnected.

7. If I have to test, which speedtest method is most representative of bandwidth I subscribe? tesing results have also becoming more relistic and consistent. So we recommend to use for speedtest.

8. I used to live in London have a 50Mbps line. It feels much faster than the 100Mbps line in Cambodia. Why?

Because you lived in the middle of the Internet Hub. The vast majority of Internet contents are already located locally within London or nearby Amsterdam Exchange.

However if you did a SpeedTest while in London by selecting a server in South Korea, you would have never got the full 50Mbps speed as you subscribed.

9. Which International Internet Hubs is SINET connected to?

Ideally, it's best to bring the hubs to Cambodia rather than connect to the Hubs. However not every country could become an Internet Hub. Therefore the next best solution is to connect the as many hubs as possible and ensure all path to get there are as short and as big as possible.

SINET is connected to the following majors hubs: Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Kualar Lumpur and Bangkok

10. My connection feels slow than usual, what should I do?

Firstly, please verify that if the issue is affecting your device or all devices connecting to the same Internet.

If it affects all devices, internet Slow issue could be caused by the following:

- The WiFi signal drops or the device is out of WiFi range. The full WiFi bars in your device does not always mean the signal is full. The solution is to minimize obstruction surrounding the WiFi access point or get nearer to it.

- The WiFi router is overloaded. The Home WiFi router is generally not built for non-stop usage. It's recommended to switch it off during unused period. A reboot usually reset the router to a clean state.

- One or more users in your network consume all the bandwidth especially during heavy downloads of large multimedia files.

- Your neighbor managed to connect to your WiFi and consume your internet bandwidth. The solution is to use sufficient WiFi security and difficult to guess password.

11. My connection is totally cut off, what should I do?

Please call our support hotline 24/7 by 081 901 999. Please let us know the Service ID for fast response.

We're also connectable by Telegram @SINET_Hotline via +855 81 901 999

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